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Global leaders in rapid test technologies
ES Analytical is the global leader in rapid test technologies for predicting geochemical behaviour and risk associated with waste rock, ore and tailings. Building on extensive world-wide experience in research and development since 1993, we offer a series of industry recognised standard and non-standard laboratory tests, data validation and interpretation options, designed specifically to provide high quality data to address key regulatory, planning, closure and rehabilitation risks related to reactive geological materials and water quality impacts.
ES Analytical Testwork Procedures

Geochemical Assessments

ES Analytical has global experience with geochemical assessments investigating AMD/ARD risk associated with waste rock, tailings and ore concentrates at iron ore, base metal, precious metal, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, rare earth elements, graphite, uranium, mineral sands and coal deposits.

We can assist with planning, sampling, testwork procedures, analyte selection and reporting to address the key regulatory, planning, closure and rehabilitation risks and water quality impacts.

Geochemical Characterisation Capabilities
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Static Geochemistry

ES Analytical offers a range of static geochemical testwork programs and procedures to predict acid, metal and salinity risks in waste rock, ore and tailings. We can assist in the development of site appropriate static geochemical testwork programs, including sample selection, testwork procedures, analyte selection and reporting.
  • Acid-base accounting (ABA)
  • Net acid generation (NAG)
  • Acid buffering characteristic curves (ABCC)
  • Sulfur / Carbon speciation
  • Acid & Metalliferous Drainage (AMD/ARD) assessments (AMDact).
  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) assessments
AMDACT - Rapid Assessment of Static Geochemistry
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Kinetic Geochemistry

We provide a range of kinetic testwork programs and procedures to measure sulfide oxidation rates, acid generation rates, the onset of acid conditions and metal pollutant release rates from geological materials.
  • Rapid oxygen consumption tests (OxCon)
    • sulfide oxidation rates
    • acidity generation rates
    • duration of sulfide oxidation
    • onset of acid conditions
    • magnitude of CO2 release
    • carbonate reaction efficiency
  • Column leach
  • Quantitative elemental release rates
Rapid oxygen consumption testwork capabilities
OxCon Report (example)
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Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction (QXRD) mineralogical assessments of geological materials enhanced with additional mineralogical-based geochemical hazard assessments.
  • Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction (QXRD)
  • Net acid producing potential (NAPP) from mineralogy (ImpactScan)
  • Reactive waste impact assessments from mineralogy (ImpactScan)
ImpactScan Report (Example)
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Water & Leachate Chemistry

We offer a range of water quality testwork programs to assess surface water, groundwater, process water and supernatant water. We ensure that the sampling program, analytical procedures and analyte selections are appropriate for your site and reporting requirements.
  • Water quality assessments
  • Acidity / salinity
  • Bottle roll leaching tests
  • Bench-scale AMD treatment trials
  • Water (AMD) treatment modelling (TreatSim)
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Data Enhancement Tools


TreatSim modelled water treatment requirements.

ES Analytical has developed a range of software tools based on industry standards to enhance analytical data and provide assessments, classifications and solutions.
  • AMDACT  - (acid & metalliferous drainage assessment and classification based on static geochemistry)
  • ImpactScan - (geochemical risk assessments  and potential hazards eg. AMD, salinity, dispersivity, fibrous minerals, CO2 emissions, based on hyperspectral scan or XRD mineralogy)
  • TreatSim - (AMD/ARD water treatment requirements and water quality outcomes based on water quality analysis)
AMDACT Report (AUS Format)(Example)
AMDACT Report (North Am. Format)(Example)
ImpactScan Report (example)
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